Massage offerings include: deep tissue, prenatal, lymphatic, geriatric, pediatric, reflexology.

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy uses with basalt and marble smooth stones.  Hot stones are placed on the body and Incorporated into massage.  This allows a deeper relaxation of muscles.  Cold stones are used to reduce swelling or sinus pressure.

Cupping is done with suction cups and hand pump.  Cupping releases scar tissue, allows for deeper muscle relaxation, improves circulation, minimizes wrinkles, smooths cellulite, decreases swelling and enhances lymphatic drainage.

Services and Rates

Chair Massage $1.00/ 1 minute

Craniosacral $50.00/ 60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage $100.00/ 60 minutes

Fibromyalgia $75.00/ 60 minutes

Geriatric Massage $75.00/ 60 minutes

Hot or Cold Stone Therapy $100.00/ 60 minutes

Lymphatic Massage $100.00/ 60 minutes

Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage $75.00/ 60 minutes

Reflexology $50.00/ 30 minutes

Swedish Massage $75.00/ 60 minutes

Vacuum Cupping $50.00/ 30 minutes